Tango Your Way to Stronger EFT

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Want to understand how successful EFT therapists move through sessions? Do you ever feel lost in the model and aren’t sure where to go next? Have you been struggling to get tapes that you feel good about but always come up short? The Tango is the pattern of five processes identified by Susan Johnson that repeats over the course of excellent EFT sessions. This workshop will ground you in how to use and understand the pattern. Let the Tango move you one step closer to certification.


Learning the EFT Tango is about catching the rhythm of successful EFT sessions. Once you have the rhythm down and you know the basic moves, you will be freer to explore and improvise in the moment. This is a more intuitive and right-brain approach to learning EFT. Navigating through the Tango can keep you from getting stuck in your head or trying to get your couple to be somewhere. If you struggle with the steps and stages, this approach could help you. The Tango moves keep the process flowing.

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